Adams Writing Agency is a creator of quality business content founded by Jennifer Adams and supported by a multinational team of content creators, graphic designers, and creative souls.  Since 2008, Jen and the team have been ghostwriting, copy editing, and copywriting for big and small businesses around the world.

Director/Chief Writer

Jennifer Adams (Jen) submitted her first work for publication when she was 11 and earned her first magazine byline in 2003.  Yet taking the spotlight isn’t really her game.  “I discovered that what I really love is seeing my clients succeed.  There is great satisfaction in watching search traffic and sales go up as a result of something I’ve written, and even greater satisfaction in having clients come back for more,” she says.

Jen specializes in creating content for business use, including:

  • Whitepapers
  • Marketing packages (landing pages, auto responders, brochures, and newspaper advertisements)
  • Magazine pieces (feature articles, interviews, and front of book pieces)
  • Newsletter content
  • Business blog posts
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn brand management content

She has deep experience writing on Human Resources, business management, alternative living, and financial services topics, including market analysis, investment overviews, and copywriting for precious metals markets.  Other writing loves include international travel pieces, self-improvement articles, and health and wellness pieces.

Jen is currently based out of Cuenca, Ecuador.  This allows her to avoid the harsh winters of her native Nebraska, practice her Spanish, and grow the South American fanclub of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  When she is not writing, she enjoys reading, haunting the Inca Lounge and Kookaburra Cafe, and teaching ESL courses at Abraham Lincoln and the University of Azuay.

Creative Partners

Adams Writing Agency works with an ever-expanding crew of creative partners to deliver the best on each project.  Our major partners include:

Luz De Luna Producciones

Luz de Luna offers custom audio content, audio post-production services, video editing, and voiceover talent.

Bandog Entertainment

Bandog Entertainment offers audio engineering and sound design services for VSLs, backing tracking, and original music scores.


Adams Writing Agency is proud to be a member of: