Finding Your Personal 2:57 Moment

A man in a wingsuit jumping off a mountain may not seem like a logical inspiration for a copywriter, but it definitely ties in with the energy needed to make a successful career.

Speaker Nick Usborne at the AWAI Bootcamp 2011 called it the 2:57 moment.  He’s referring to the look on professional base jumper Jeb Corliss’ face after he’s completed a successful run.  Check it out:

I loved this video.  It’s the perfect visual for the emotional rush I get when a client reports control-beating results, outstanding returns, or total satisfaction.  That is why I’m a copywriter – to have that 2:57 moment and continue bringing it to my clients each day.

There is no right time, only right now

A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper. – E.B. White This quote from the author of Charlotte’s Web struck me as especially poignant today.  The day’s only half over, but I’ve already done work for clients in three different locations.  None of them…

Under Construction … At Last!

After years of ghostwriting in the shadows, Adams Writing Agency is going official.  More than 70% of our clients are repeat customers, and it’s time to represent them more formally online.  Let it not be said that this cobbler has no shoes! This blog will touch on elements of the business copywriting trade, the writer’s…